My name is Noelle Gavitt. 

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I have embarked on this new venture in my life after being a stay at home mom for nearly 20 years.  It has taught me so much about myself. I am genuinely excited for this new chapter in my life, to meet new people, and share the concept that you are the creator of your life!

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner through IPEC - The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching - as well as a mother, entrepreneur, and life long learner.  I love nature.  I love to travel and explore.  I love being a mother.  And most of all I just love being able to learn what I can about myself, life and others!

I have had my ups and downs in life - as we all have.  I found myself entering mid-life and wondering what am I even going to do now?  My whole identity was wrapped up in being a mother, so who else could I possibly be?  I was trying to figure it out for quite a while.  I had my times when I felt stuck and lost.  I got divorced.  I wanted to find a new path for myself, one that truly spoke to who I am.  To be able to do something I truly loved.  As a child, I experienced a lot of loss at a very young age. For many years I looked at myself as a victim, asking why did this all have to happen to me? I felt sorry for myself and wanted others to as well.  


As I got older and experienced different struggles as an adult, I began to reflect on all I'd been through.  I slowly learned that everything I went through, each difficult experience, has made me who I am today.  If I hadn't gone through all that I did I wouldn't be who I am at this moment. Life is a journey, not a destination - a journey we can create any way we choose.  When we begin to re-frame the way we look at our lives, we can change our whole perspective and outlook.  There is a lesson to learn in each and every life experience. 


It may not be easy to see in the moment, but if you take time to look back you can come to some pretty amazing revelations.  And those revelations can lead you to places you may have never thought possible.  When we can learn to take a step back from time to time and be the observer in our own life, it can honestly be quite eye opening. When you begin to see that you can take the same advice for yourself that you give to others it opens up a whole new world. You are in control of your own happiness, nobody else is responsible for that.  You write you own script.  How do you want your life's play to unfold?

Just as every snowflake is different and unique, so are we!  We are made up of a mind, body and spirit. There are things we can do to nourish all of these aspects of who we are.  These are topics we will explore together, so that you can live a peaceful, healthy, fun-filled life!  We can all make a difference in this world if we choose to believe it!  Be present in each and every moment of your life.


this starts with you!
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